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Frequently Asked Questions:


(1) Where Can I receive a copy of my filed 1040 Income Tax Papers?


  • You can receive a copy of your filed 1040 and State  Income Tax papers by emailing  Please specify which year will be needed.



(2) How long does the refund usually take?


  • Federal Refunds usually Take 7-14 business days to be deposited in your bank account.  If Tax Returns are sent by mail it can take 8-12 weeks for a check to be mailed to you from the IRS.  TRUTHFUL TAXES highly suggest E-Filing your tax returns for faster delivery of your Tax Refund.  State Refunds can usually have the same turn around time as the Federal Refund.



(3) Can you do several years of non filed income tax returns?


  • TRUTHFUL TAXES can file any current and previous years income tax returns.



(4) Can the filing fees be withdrawn from my refund?


  • All preparation and electronic filing fees can be withdrawn from the clients refund .  If the client does not have a refund then the preparation fees must be paid up front under the web store. 



(5) Is the company available year round for questions or advice for taxes?


  • TRUTHFUL TAXES is available year round to answer any tax related questions.  Call or text us at 201 268-9472  or email us at

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